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Recent Works


Leading the development and growth of the acQuire product and company brands from

2012- 2019 including

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Architectures 

  • Global Marketing Planning

  • Customer Journey

  • Marketing research 

  • Product strategy and release promotion

  • Specialist Team Leadership

  • Budgeting

  • Segmentation, Marketing Plans

  • Employer brand programs

  • B2C network brand development

  • Advertising online & offline tactics

  • Event Strategy

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Design and Art Direction

  • Video scripts and press checks

  • Key Message strategy and frameworks

  • Sales Toolkits and Employer Branding

Brief Belief

I'm a brand strategist and marketing professional. I started in advertising agencies and moved to the client-side in startups, SME's and global corporations.

In recent years I gained Board Director experience for a global software company in the METS industry and then moved to a brand-building position in Manufacturing.

I believe Brand Building is not confined to advertising or marketing. I enjoy solving brand architecture challenges, whether they are on the company or product level, and I thrive leading and managing project teams across companies.

In brief:

I connect your business strategy to your stakeholders with communication, creativity and collaboration.


Content Strategy  Brand Strategy     Campaign Management    Branding 
Social Media 
 Marketing Strategy    Employer Brand    Stakeholder Engagement   Business to Brand strategy   Digital Strategy Planning  Customer Journey Development   Budgeting and measuring  Product and Services marketing  Marketing Specialist team lead  Creativity  Collaboration  Communication 



University of Applied Sciences Wurzburg

Dipl Communication Designer (FH)

Graduated with equivalent to BA (Hons) at University of Applied Sciences, major in Graphics, Photography and Video.



Curtin University

Master of Business Leadership (MBA MBL)

graduated with Distinction
Awarded 2007 Curtin University, Graduate School of Business, Meritorious Achievement Prize.

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