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Why 50 Grounds?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I'm finding out what’s next for me and the people I meet.
Ready to make a splash?

I've recently left my position as a Brand and Marketing Director of a global software company.

No better time to meet professionals, peers and friends to take their advice, explore new ways of business thinking and personal directions.

The idea of ‘50 Grounds’ is simple.

Over the next year, I will meet with fifty of my mentors and friends to gather advice and share perspectives to help shape my next chapters of life. To capture the essence of the conversations, I’ll blog about it on

Of course, everyone has busy lives, so we’ll keep our chat to the length of a cuppa.

I like to surround myself with doers, tinkerers, dreamers, and forward thinkers because I want my world to evolve. I want to learn more, see more -- while surrounded by life-loving people like you.

Wanna grab a coffee? Drop me a line.

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