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Hello there

I'm Astrid. 

A creative professional with years of working in and collaborating with small and large firms, building and growing brands.

I come equipped with a built-in corporate translator for changing the language of complexity to clarity.

I challenge myself to be equally curious about arts and science. To me, brand building connects all the dots between people, processes and revenue.

Contact me on Linkedin:

I develop brand autonomy and brand literacy in companies, so they can focus on who matters: stakeholders.

There's enough research suggesting an investment in brand building yields measurable returns for the triple bottom line. (See also my LinkedIn post ). However, as the business and technology lifecycle goes on, so do the challenges with keeping your brand relevant and self-sufficient.

I've honed my skills in specialist marketing positions. Now, as a brand generalist, I make sure teams work across the whole business on brand building. (See also the interview I gave in the American Content Marketing Institute Magazine).

This site is documenting my extensive experience as Brand and Marketing Director of a global software firm, in startup environments and SME family business.  

In 2019 during a short hiatus, I came up with the idea to find inspiration in interviewing professionals about brand building and the Arts.

It has proven inspirational and rewarding and I will continue the chats on my blog. On the way, I'm hoping to learn and gather advice from many exceptional professionals, friends and strangers I have the privilege to meet.

My blog 50 Grounds is about those encounters and learnings.

A brief snapshot of my recent brand works:

Clients, Peers &


To the professionals and their organisations who kindly provided input, advice, their time and humour:

 Thank you.

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